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CICB Flavors

WARNING! One bite might hook you.

Incredible handcrafted ice cream sandwiches from a local company!

We source as many of our ingredients from Cape Cod as possible, and are excited to be an engaged member of the Chatham community.

The CG ice cream bar

"The CG"

Peanut butter cup cookies with peanut butter cookies and cream ice cream and a milk chocolate topping. Epic!

pleasant bay bar.jpeg

Pleasant Bay Bar

Rich almond pound cake surrounding strawberry cheesecake ice cream with a strawberry cream “topping”.

Monomoy Sunrise.png

Monomoy Sunrise

Delicious 'Nana Bread with maple walnut ice cream and an incredible cream cheese maple syrup topping. Ice cream for breakfast!

Chatham Light Bar.jpeg

Chatham Light Bar

Chocolate chip cookies with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and a dark chocolate fudge "topping".

great white brownie bar.jpg

Great White Brownie Bar

Chewy brownies with vanilla ice cream and a "Great White Chocolate" topping. A classic!

angler brownie bar.jpeg

The Crazy Angler Bar

Chocolatey chocolate chip cookies with a fudgy chocolate lovers ice cream and a white chocolate "topping".

north beach treat.jpg

North Beach Treat

Crispy rice treat with vanilla black raspberry swirl ice cream and a white chocolate "topping". Gluten free.

ridgevale beach blondie bar.jpeg

Ridgevale Beach Blondie Bar

Butterscotch chip blondie cookies with butter pecan ice cream and a sea salt caramel "topping". She's a beauty!

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